Women in Finance Network 

The Women in Finance Network is an initiative of CFA Society Orange County that provides a community for female CFA members and candidates to expand their networks and help each other grow their careers.   
Our goal is to provide guidance and support to our members by highlighting female leaders in the investment profession who will describe their career paths and the tough decisions they made along the way. In addition, we will be offering ongoing mentoring programs and networking events, virtual and in-person, so you can grow your community of female peers.  

wifn2.png ​Why does the industry need more women?

The 2016 CFA Institute study on "Gender Diversity in Investment Management" suggests strong business and values-driven support for greater diversity, in which gender diversity is key.

Diversity matters because diverse groups of people bring different perspectives to problem-solving. Industry participants now acknowledge the importance of gender diversity, and the importance of work structure and flexibility in attracting a diverse workforce.

While reasons driving firms to seek greater diversity may differ, effective understanding of workforce composition and motivations are critical contributors to the collaborative cultures we need in the investment industry.  

CFA Society Orange County believes it can directly influence the number of women in the finance industry in Orange County by developing a pathway that focuses on knowledge, connections, and professional development.

​Collaborative Women in Investment Management Initiative 
This collaboration is modeled after the CFA Institute Women in Investment (WIM) initiative.  CFA Societies and FPA Chapters around the country have joined efforts through a grassroots campaign to further our shared goals of inclusion and diversity, and to empower female professionals across all facets of the finance industry. 
To learn more about this initiative, please click here to download the brochure.

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