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2024 Recorded events

April 11th, "The Future of the Emerging Markets & The Rise of a Digital India" by Kevin T. Carter  see here

February 21th, "Yemen in Crisis", by Helen Lackner see here

2023 Recorded events

December 14th "Dollarization in Argentina: Outlook & Issues, by Monica de Bolle", PhD see here

March 23: Talk with Roberto Barrera PhD "Selección de Portafolios con Inteligencia Artificial" see here

2022 Recorded events

Conference Perspectivas Económicas México 2022, by Ociel Hernández Zamudio, Chief Economist, BBVA Mexico.  See here

Panel ESG in Mexico. See here

2021 Recorded events

Conference Perspectivas Económicas México 2021, by Gabriel Lozano, Chief Economist, JP Morgan Mexico. See here

2nd Value Event - Talk with Guy Spier, Founder of Aquamarine Fund. See here

Impact of the Mexican Crisis & Perspective of Recovery by 

Inflation Forecasting Model and Mexican Case. See here

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