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CFA Society Mexico in collaboration with CFA Societies Latam and the support of the Research Foundation of CFA Institute wrote: "Latin American Local Capital Markets" download for free here


Book written between UNAM and CFA Society Mexico: “Mercados Financieros e
Instrumentos de Inversión en Mexico” available for sale, if you are interested please reach us at the email:

CFA Society Mexico strongly recommends the book of Timothy Heyman Book Finance, Time And Growth

Finance, Time and Growth is a short history of finance. Timothy Heyman begins by focussing on two facts that are taken for granted: the importance of finance in the global economy and the relatively high remuneration of finance professionals. He goes on to ask the question whether, if finance is good for finance professionals, it is also good for the world: in other words, whether it contributes to economic growth. Available in Amazon in Spanish and English language.

Access to the book here

First Person

This section offers a collection of authentic stories that will resonate with you and provide unique insights into the world of finance.

CFA Society Mexico appreciate the contribution of our volunteers:

Mayela Garza, CFA you can see the video here

José Segarra Silva, CFA, FRM you can see the video here

Walter Buchanan, CFA you can see the video here

Luis Gonzali, CFA you can see the video here

Francisco Vázquez, CFA, FRM you can see the video here

Podcast Money Talks 

Initiative of Walter Buchanan, CFA, Luis Gonzali, CFA & Francisco Vázquez, CFA, new episode each week, with special guests. They talk about different topics related with finance and investments.

Spotify Money Talks