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Our society supports the efforts of local CFA candidates by partnering and negotiating discounts with various CFA exam preparation companies. Experienced and respected academicians and investment practitioners coach candidates on CFA curriculum topics, such as securities analysis and investment valuation, financial accounting, quantitative analysis, economics, asset allocation, and portfolio management. Participation in an organized program can complement the self-study design of the CFA Program.

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Give Yourself the Best Chance to Pass It's more important than ever to be well prepared on CFA exam day.

Don't take a chance trying to cobble together your own set of study materials. Kaplan Schweser has optimized its study packages with training and study tools designed to work together for maximum effectiveness.

Schweser's comprehensive Premium Study Package guides you through the entire preparation process while keeping you on track with your studies. Created by a global network of CFA charterholders who understand what it takes to pass, this package includes:

· OnDemand classes with expert instruction

· Core study tools, including SchweserNotes™ and Schweser's Secret Sauce® · Thousands of exam-like practice questions

· A comprehensive OnDemand Final Review Workshop

· Access to a team of experts who provide guidance and support throughout your exam preparation An exclusive forum to get accurate answers to your questions, and engage with instructors and other CFA candidates.

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  5. Select the "Premium Package"

Do you prefer to prepare with live online classes and a live online review workshop?

Check out Schweser's PremiumPlus™ Package

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In collaboration with CFA Society Boston, we are pleased to offer the following Practice Exam packages:

  1. Practice Exam – US$75. A full-length, properly formatted practice exam based on CFA Institute's 2021 Body of Knowledge® which includes a detailed answer key with LOS and curriculum references, and calculations. Two version are now available, individually priced at US$75!
  2. Practice Exam Bundle – US$100. Two full-length, properly formatted practice exams based on CFA Institute's 2021 Body of Knowledge® -both include a detailed answer key with LOS and curriculum references, and calculations.
  3. Online Test Bank – Levels I & II – as a special offer, receive FREE (a US $49 value) access to extra exam questions online: 700 Level I questions and 360 for Level II.
  4. To purchase, visit www.cfaboston.org. Upon purchase, we ask that you take a moment to select CFA Society Seattle from the dropdown list in the registration. A portion of the proceeds will be allocated to our society to assist us in enhancing services to members and candidates like you in our local markets.


Are you looking for additional help preparing for your upcoming CFA exam? Do you want to join a study group with other candidates in your area? If this is something you are interested in, please email us with your name and city. We will connect you with the group organizer and information.