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Membership Dues
$115 annually ($414 including CFA Institute dues of $299)
Membership Criteria
Hold a Bachelors Degree from an accredited institution or have equivalent education or work experience.
Pass Level I of the CFA exam or pass the self-administered Standards of Practice Examination as part of the activation process.
Have 48 months of acceptable professional work experience in investment decision making.
Provide professional reference statements.


Membership Dues
$130 annually ($429 including CFA Institute dues of $299)
Membership Criteria
Provide professional reference statements.
No work experience or completion of Level I CFA exam requirement.
All Regular, Affiliate and Retired Membership Applications are processed through the CFA Institute Website


Membership Dues
$57.50 annually ($157.50 including CFA Institute dues of $100)
Age 70 years and older: Dues are waived for both the CFA Institute and CFA Society Seattle.

Membership Criteria  
The CFA Society Seattle and the CFA Institute offer a Retired Status option for membership.
Retired Status includes all member benefits at reduced rates if you meet the criteria described on the Retirement Form.
If your personal circumstances changes, you may move your membership to an Unretired status.


Membership Dues
$25 annually 

Membership Criteria
Enrolled full-time at a regionally accredited four-year college or university or accredited institution offering an advanced graduate degree at the time of application and be in good standing at their respective college or university.

Signed by two sponsors, including a professor or faculty member at the college/university that they attend.

One sponsor must be a Regular member of the society.