Voice of Volunteers Shanshan Cao

Voice of CFA Charterholders

A global passport to freely travel between the borders of finance
Deloitte Tohmatsu Financial Advisory LLC
Vice President
Shanshan Cao, CFA
Earned the CFA charter in 2012
From reading a newspaper article to CFA® charterholder

When I was a student, I had the chance to read about a talented executive director, who was working in a global investment bank. That success story triggered something in me; it stimulated me into pursuing a career in the finance industry. I can still remember how this article specified how important the CFA® charter was to enter the industry, so I immediately entered the program.

The horizontal financial knowledge acquired with CFA® Program

The CFA Program takes at least three years. During that period, participants acquire a large variety of insights in finance, in addition to an in-depth knowledge in fields such as accounting, investment, and mathematics. This knowledge is essential for all finance professionals. The CFA charter also allowed me to increase my understanding of corporate finance, which I can leverage in my daily work. Finally, the experience acquired with the CFA charter is also valuable during my conversations with clients and colleagues.

Participating in a broad range of activities within CFA Society Japan

The CFA charter program is a worldwide standard. In order to further increase its awareness in Japan, I joined the public relations committee in order to engage in communications and marketing activities. We are actively inviting finance specialists from Japan and overseas in order to further increase the knowledge of our members, I also started to participate in the Japan Investment Conference (JIC), CFA Society Japan’s largest event, which also serves as a networking occasion between members. As part of the team of finance professionals volunteering for the event, I had the opportunity to closely listen to the panel talks between JIC specialists, which was a truly valuable experience. Another highly stimulating experience was participating in the CFA Institute Research Challenge, where university students compete in analytical and valuation skills through reports and presentations. I joined last year as a management volunteer. I was impressed by the level of passion from the students participating in the research challenge, which included fields such as company stock valuation or finance modeling, which all resonated with my current field of work. I plan on participating again next year, as a grader.

Continuous learning and network expansion, two advantages of volunteering

CFA charterholders can participate in CFA Society events from all over the world. By engaging in volunteer activities, there are infinite opportunities for further expanding one’s network. That network doesn’t solely include professional activities, but as someone who recently moved to Japan, it also helped me personally to meet a great circle of friends. During volunteer activities, we get to exchange our knowledge and experience with other charterholders, which is another opportunity for continuous learning in an ever-evolving finance industry.

A global passport to freely travel between the borders of finance

Acquiring the CFA charter allows one to be recognized as a global finance professional, directly linking to an actual career development. The CFA charter opens up many opportunities for people pursuing multiple options for their future.

● What is the PR Community?

Planning the implementation of PR activities for the year’s brand campaigns.

● What is the Japan Investment Conference (JIC)?

Planning and management of the full day conference program etc.

● What is the CFA Institute Research Challenge?

A financial analysis competition for university undergraduate and postgraduate students that comprises of Japan and Asia Pacific regional qualifying competitions before a final global competition.
Taking place completely in English, 2018’s Japan qualifying competition was contested by 19 teams from leading universities. The winners were the team from Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University. It’s a large event which involves many volunteers.

To know more about CFA charter
A global certification in the finance industry
A certification for investment professionals
The certification with the largest number of applicants
PIMCO Japan Ltd
Senior Vice President, Account Manager,
and Product Manager
Earned the CFA charter in 2017
PIFA Partners, Inc
Earned the CFA charter in 2003
SMBC Nikko Securities Inc.
NBA Research/Regional Financial Institution and Corporate Business Promotion
Earned the CFA charter in 2018
Deloitte Tohmatsu Financial Advisory LLC
Vice President
Earned the CFA charter in 2012
IHS Markit Japan GK
Assistant Vice President, Portfolio Valuation
Earned the CFA charter in 2016
Global Asset Management Firm
Equity Research Associate
Earned the CFA charter in 2017