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The CFA charter: a "common language" in finance
IHS Markit Japan GK
Assistant Vice President, Portfolio Valuation
Stefano Spillo, CFA
Earned the CFA charter in 2016
Studying abroad in Japan: the first steps towards the finance industry

After growing up in Italy, I studied business in the United Kingdom at The University of Manchester, and then I went to study abroad in Japan during my third year. As I was looking for books written in English, I came across finance books about the CFA® Program. I was curious about finance, so without hesitating before the number of books or their thickness, I started the challenge toward the CFA® charter.

The CFA charter: a “common language” in finance

My path toward the CFA charter took close to four years. That path has helped me grow not only as a finance professional, but also as an individual, making me the person I am today. Through the diverse fields of the finance industry covered in the curriculum, I was able to acquire the prerequisite knowledge, the “common language” needed in order to become a finance professional. Upon earning my CFA charter in the United Kingdom, I found the opportunity of coming back to Japan to work in my current position.

Sharing with future CFA® charterholders

I first volunteered for a seminar for Level I candidates. I felt a hint of nostalgia from my own student days and I wanted to help current students on their way to earning the CFA charter and contribute to the community. The experience of seeing the students in the seminar putting their efforts toward this goal further motivated me to actively attend seminars for Level I or Level II candidates and share more of my own experience. In the long term, I would love to be able to teach my own seminar in order to be able to share more of my views, in addition to content with aspiring candidates.

Joining a local community in a foreign country

Although my current work does not involve core finance, the CFA charter is still very useful in my day-to-day work. I also try to bring some of my volunteer work within my company as well to share more about the CFA Program internally. Being more involved with CFA Society Japan has helped me leverage that common language I acquired to nurture local relationships and participate in the community.

Embark on the journey

It is no exaggeration to say that the path toward the CFA charter is a long journey. However, it involves plenty of new encounters and new insights that are not only valuable in career development, but also in evolving as a person. For people willing to take the challenge, I would advise them to enjoy the journey.

● What is the Examinee Support Seminar?

Supporting examinees by holding seminars on each exam subject. They also provide advice to examinees through telling their own success stories as the kick-off event etc.

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PIMCO Japan Ltd
Senior Vice President, Account Manager,
and Product Manager
Earned the CFA charter in 2017
PIFA Partners, Inc
Earned the CFA charter in 2003
SMBC Nikko Securities Inc.
NBA Research/Regional Financial Institution and Corporate Business Promotion
Earned the CFA charter in 2018
Deloitte Tohmatsu Financial Advisory LLC
Vice President
Earned the CFA charter in 2012
IHS Markit Japan GK
Assistant Vice President, Portfolio Valuation
Earned the CFA charter in 2016
Global Asset Management Firm
Equity Research Associate
Earned the CFA charter in 2017